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Hello, my name is Eric Brown and I am a  small business, executive and leadership coach.

​I work with individuals and groups to strengthen their leadership, technical,and managerial skills.  I will enable you to achieve your desired success in the workplace  and life.

I accomplish results through virtual or in-person one-on-one coaching based on your needs and desires. The services are provided to individuals, teams, or groups. Engagement often begins by establishing a professional’s baseline as determined by a customized choice of resources, i.e. MBTI, Emotional Intelligence, a 360 Leadership Assessment, and self assessments, to name a few.  These tools  are then used to develop a plan in pursuit of your desired goals.

As an executive and leadership coach, I support early and mid-career professionals to achieve clarity on their future career pursuits by creating effective goals and strategies that they then initiated with clarity.

I offer 30 years of corporate and governmental business experience as I was employed with a leading technology company, a school system, and the Internal Revenue Service. I deliver the knowledge of various disciplines such as communication, retail operations, adult education, technology, federal law investigation, operational leadership, and experience as an active leadership coach (to name a few).

My mission is to support your growth with open and honest curiosity, passion, and creativity.  Working with me will result in your increased professional and personal clarity and purpose with your goals.  Your contributions in your business and workplace  will increase and you will be fully engaged to achieve the extraordinary results you desire.

I look forward in accompanying you on your journey.

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