Three Needed Steps for a Small Business Owner

It is finally here!  Today is the day that you open the doors of your new business.  You completed considerable pre-planning activity, secured the necessary capital, and you are ready for opening day.

Are you ready and what could you have possibly overlooked?  What plans have you made for the positions that are unfulfilled?  What are the different roles you will fill?  How will you support a balance between your business and personal life?


If you want to become an effective small business owner you must plan for the future, understand your role(s), and support a balanced life.

In most states a business is only required to have one corporate officer for a corporation.  Yes, you may be the only participant in the operation of your business.  Question!  Have you prepared for the day when your business expands and you will need help?  What positions will your staff fulfill?

You will never be smart, strong, or fast enough to fulfill all the roles your business needs.   Today is a good day to begin to think about the positions that will be needed, and it’s not too soon to create a description for those positions.

You probably choose to start your business because you do something very well.  Michael Gerber, writer of the E-Myth, refers to you as the technician.  It is critical to understand that while your magnificent business could not function without your great technical skills there is something missing.  In fact, you may be missing the innovative thoughts of an entrepreneur and the highly sought after skills of a capable manager.


It is important to understand what skill you bring to the business and realize that you cannot fulfill all of the necessary skills required in your business.

Final question!  What does a successful and completed day look like in your business?  I can guarantee it won’t look like a day where everything that is needed to be completed was completed on that day.  There is not one day that I complete everything that is needed for that day.  The solution is to leave it for the next day.  Remember that problems in your personal life can impact your business world, and “vice a versa”.

There are many areas that need your attention both before and after your workday.  They must not be neglected if you want to maintain a healthy business and a healthy personal life.


Call to Action: 
List the ten most important areas of your life and rate each one with a number (1 to 5) which indicates their level of balance in your daily life.  One being completely unbalanced while five is completely balanced.


Hello, my name is Eric Brown and I am a small business, executive and leadership coach. ​I work with individuals and groups to strengthen their leadership, technical,and managerial skills. I will enable you to achieve your desired success in the workplace and life.

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