Three Occasions a Coach Can’t Help You

When I was in high school, I wanted to be a high school “All American” football player on my high school’s top ranked national team.

I asked the coach how far could I “get” with my talent and he said get as close as five feet from the playing field. You guessed it I didn’t have “football” talent and that coach couldn’t help me!

There are times when a “business coach” or “life coach” cannot help you.  During those times your coaching sessions will be unproductive if (1) you have job performance issues, (2) your coaching relationship is forced, or (3) you are in the process of resolving prior mental challenges that affect your current life events.

m2If you have job performance issues you most likely need the assistance of a mentor.  Coaching works on the premise that the client is whole, complete, resourceful, and capable of resolving issues, and you don’t have specific requirements to fulfil.

A person with job performance concerns is not completely resourceful and will need direction.

Coaching also will not work if the relationship is forced!  The coaching relationship is a voluntary relationship and is entered into as an agreement between the client and coach; not the client, coach, and a third-party.

The client must set her own agenda and not be forced to adhere to the agenda of a third-party.

Also coaching is not for the client who has earlier life events that haven’t been resolved, and those prior life events influence future performance.

Coaching is future driven and doesn’t work well for people who have to resolve historical life challenges.  Seek therapy and professional counseling, these would be better choices


Make coaching your personal choice, allow it to help you to move forward (without revisiting past challenges), and resolve any earlier performance concerns.  Then, and only then, will you have a successful coaching relationship.



IMG_3177.JPGCall To Action:

List three reasons why coaching would benefit you!

For more information on coaching see reasons you might need a mentor?


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